Well, the season is officially underway and it’s started out pretty darn good to say the least.  Day one is officially in the books as there were limits of springs and there’s a lot of bottom fish out there.  After some searching, it took a trip to the 50 edge to find most of ’em … Continued

The Season is Right Around the Corner!!!

We are so excited as the 2017 season is about to begin in a couple of short weeks!  Our first guests will be arriving on July 6 and all indications are that we are going to have an epic year!  Stand by for our first fishing report which will come out preseason as the guides … Continued

Happy Fathers Day!

We love Fathers Day here at Walters Cove Resort because so many of us who work here have grown up fishing with our families.  Fishing gets you outside,  away from work and school. It creates memories that last a lifetime. We want to share our love of family fishing with you! SO…. If you book … Continued

Did you know we have a newsletter?

Walters Cove Resort – May Newsletter We also just released our June Newsletter and you can find it here: Walter Cove Resort – June Newsletter  The May Newsletter covers some key staff (Gwen and Paul), who many Westcoast Resorts Guests will recognize from Whale Channel and Milbanke Sound. We also introduce some awesome new fishing … Continued

Our little corner of the world – Kyuquot Sound

Kyuquot Sound is one of the 5 major sounds indenting the west coast of Vancouver Island. To the northwest of Kyuquot Sound is Checleset Bay. To the east is the steep Vancouver Island mountain range, with peaks of over 1500 metres. The Kyuquot and Checleset territories are accessible only by air and water; the road … Continued