If you have questions, hopefully we have the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there cellular service in the Kyuquot Sound area?

Kyuquot is a very remote location and there is no cell phone reception in the area. If you are driving here, be advised that there is no cellular service north of Campbell River. The Lodge has free Wi-fi Available to guests, as well as a landline, so you will not be without communication, but you will get a little break from the cell phone while you stay with us!

How much fish can I bring home?

You are able to bring home your DFO trip possession limit of fish. Most of our guests leave with about 70-100 lbs of filleted, vac-packed and frozen fish.

Is there a problem bringing fish back to the United States or other countries?

It is unlikely you will have any problems transporting your fish into the United States. Your fish will be packed in boxes and you will need to declare it as “Seafood for Personal Use”.

Europe and other countries we would recommend you contact your local border control. Often for European locations it is best to have your fish processed (ie. smoked, lox, candied) and then delivered to you. This has been the most successful way of returning fish to European destinations.

What happens if the weather is too rough for fishing?

Our boats are built for rough weather, but in the case where we have ocean conditions that are deemed unsafe by your guide or the manager, there are locations that are more sheltered in which you could fish. In the absolute worst-case scenario you would spend a day in the hot tub (or lounge) back at the lodge. If this happens we will do our best to arrange alternate weather appropriate activities.

Wasn't Walters Cove owned by West Coast Resorts before?

Yes, until 2014 Walters Cove Resort was owned by Westcoast Resorts and operated as The Lodge at Walters Cove. In March of 2014, Haico/ Haida Tourism, Westcoast Resort’s parent company decided to sell the fishing resort to the KCFN Limited Partnership. Paul Dowler, who was the manager of Walters Cove under the Westcoast Resorts ownership is continuing to manage the resort under the new ownership. Gwen Donaldson, who also spent a number of years with WCR-Whale Channel/Milbanke Sound has also joined the Walters Cove team as assistant manager.

What Kinds of Fish will I catch and take home?

We target a wide variety of Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Rock Cod and Tuna on our sports fishing trips.  The most sought after and caught are:

-Chinook Salmon (Kings or Springs)

-Coho Salmon (Silvers)


-Ling Cod (and kelp greenling)

-Snapper or Yellow eye

– Rockfish (quillback, black, china, canary)

-Albacore Tuna


When is the best time of year to fish?

We are only open for the best time, July and August!  We find that July and August yield the best results for sport salmon fishing. During this time of year there is a good mix of chinook and coho swimming around. There are chinook in the area all year around, but we see the big summer runs start to come through in June, and they are in full force for July and August.

Coho tend to arrive in mid-late June and are abundant in July and August, before they head up the rivers in the Fall.

Halibut, Lingcod and rockfish fishing is always good in the area. So, you can usually be sure that they will be swimming around, ready to bite a hook.

Over the last few years, we have seen Albacore Tuna move up into Canadian Waters. This sport fishery is quite new in our waters and very exciting. Tuna tend to show up at the end of August and September, but in general they a very difficult fish to predict. They have been known to show up in our waters as early as July.