We are now a couple of trips into our season and it’s promising to be a good one!  After 5 years of being away, I have returned to just what I remembered about Kyuquot Sound.  Lots of fish, lots of different weather and lots of happy fishers!

We eased into the season with a few guests both on our regular program and a couple that took advantage of our “Mariner Package” which allows the full lodge experience while fishing out of your own boat.

Fishing was good and everyone to date has taken home their limit of chinook salmon.  We’ve had to work for halibut but they have been found and “Coco” even managed to bring in a beauty that was almost the same size as her.  It measured out right at the legal size limit and weighed a whopping 78 lbs!

While we haven’t officially weighed in a tyee yet, there have been a couple that won the battle and spit the hook right beside the boat, causing mixed feelings and I’m sure the odd expletive!  Largest salmon to date was caught by Jim Sparks at 25 lbs.  They seem to be coming through in waves, with huge numbers one day and then working a bit for them the next day.  Anchovies trolled between 60 and 80 ft around Lookout Island have been working well on the inshore fishery and there are fish travelling the highway too so a few boats have ventured to the “50 edge” with success out there up to 150 ft!

We are starting to see some coho showing up too which is nice to see at the beginning of July!

Old standby’s like Crazy Hole and Whale Tail have been producing some really nice lings and snapper in addition to the mighty chinooks!

trishandnorm              Walters Cove Guests with Salmon, Halibut and Ling Cod



Weather has ranged from flat calm to big chop so it’s the usual Pacific Ocean out there!  We’ve been blessed with a lot of sunshine and very little rain so far!  We’ve even had some sunny days where the NW didn’t pick up and the guests enjoyed some great water conditions while being able to enjoy the sun too!

Time is running out to book for this year so if you’re thinking about it, think no longer.  Drop me a note by email or call 1.844.466.9453 and talk to Jane about available space.  It is really limited now but we would still love to see you so don’t delay!

To those that have joined us already this year, thanks so much for being a part of the Walters Cove Family and we can’t wait to see you again.  We are working on very close to a 100% rebook rate so far so next year could be tough to find a spot!

Till next week,

Tight Lines!

Terry Schultz                                                                                                                                                          [email protected]