Kyuquot Sound is one of the 5 major sounds indenting the west coast of Vancouver Island. To the northwest of Kyuquot Sound is Checleset Bay. To the east is the steep Vancouver Island mountain range, with peaks of over 1500 metres. The Kyuquot and Checleset territories are accessible only by air and water; the road access ends at Fair Harbour. At Fair Harbour there is a small marina, boat ramp, free and paid parking, fuel station, propane, small store and camping.

This region boasts some of the most pristine temperate rainforest in the world. They are proud to be able to share several world-class parks with visitors: Brooks Peninsula Provincial Park, Checleset Bay Ecological Reserve, Tahsish-Kwois Provincial Park, Tahsish River Ecological Reserve, Dixie Cove Provincial Park and Rugged Point Marine Park. Many small islands, bays, beaches, rocky shoals, streams and rivers, lush forests, hills and mountains – these are the many features that make up this incredible land and seascape.

Look towards the sea, and through the morning mist you may glimpse a grey whale, dolphin, or sea lion breaking the waves. Sea otters are plentiful here, and you’re sure to spot a seal or two. Birds abound here too; eagles, herons, gulls and other shore birds are here year round. In summer, we have nesting puffins, marbled murrelets and other seabirds.

On the shore, you will see towering stands of old spruce, cedar and fir trees. And in the moss-shrouded forest, deer and Roosevelt elk graze while black bears forage for berries. Wolves and cougars also inhabit these woods.

The village of Houpsitas in Kyuquot is a welcoming place, in the Kyuquot-Checleset traditional territory you may find remnants of their traditional way of life, such as old home sites and fallen ancient totem poles. While walking in the woods of this region be careful where you tread. This land contains their living history, and ancient artifacts are often both extremely delicate and difficult to spot.

The magic of Kyuquot and Checleset must be seen first-hand to be truly experienced. In addition to experiencing their culture, there are many things for visitors to do here, including sea kayaking, sport fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. There are six provincial parks and four ecological reserves here.