Tuna Fishing in Kyuquot Sound

Kyuquot Sound is exceptionally well situated to take advantage of the Canadian Albacore tuna fishery. Tuna tend to follow warm water currents, and they usually appear within our territory in late August and September, but on occasion can appear as early as July.

The Fishing Grounds

Tuna fishing typically requires a 25 mile run offshore in order to get to the fishing grounds. Fishing in the bluewater requires us to take greater safety precautions than fishing closer to shore. We base our fishing decision purely on the current and forecasted offshore weather conditions at the time of departure.

We take your safety very seriously and we cannot guarantee that the weather will be favorable for the offshore journey. If going offshore is not feasible due to weather we will spend the day targeting other species of local fish.

Tuna Fishing at Walters Cove Resort in Kyuquot


Tuna are a unique and unpredictable fish that are located in a potentially volatile environment. We follow ocean temperature charts to predict the availability and location of the tuna. 2-6 jigs are dragged behind the boat, and the boat trolls at a fairly quick speed, between 5 and 9 mph.


$150.00 per person per day**

Due to the unpredictable nature of the tuna fishery, we will check the temperature charts, weather and fish reports regularly. If the conditions are favorable, you will be presented with the option to go tuna fishing.

**In addition to regular trip cost and dependant on fish and weather. Buddy Boats Required: Minimum of two boats must choose to go tuna fishing on a given day.