A World-class Fishing Destination

The sport fishing in the waters around Kyuquot Sound is internationally regarded as some of the best in the world.

All along Canada’s West Coast there is a continental shelf that protrudes eastward underwater for many miles. Where the shelf ends is where very deep waters begin. Migrating salmon and halibut will always stick to the relatively shallow waters where this continental shelf is present. However, the area off Kyuquot Sound happens to have just a small section of it, forcing migrating fish along a narrow strip that’s become know as the “Salmon Highway”. It’s a natural bottleneck that really does produce some incredible fishing.

Catch Lots of Fish at Walters Cove in Kyuquot

Kyuquot is one of the few places on the west coast of  Canada where albacore tuna sport fishing opportunities are readily available. Tuna follow the warm water currents that come up from California and settle into Kyuquot canyon, about 25 miles offshore from Kyuquot, making it  ideally situated for tuna sport fishing.


Kyuquot Sound is renowned for the following:

Chinook, coho, sockeye, chum and pink. (The most sought after are chinook and coho)
Bottom Fish
Halibut, lingcod, rockfish (yellow eye)
Late summer only – weather and water temperature dependent. Learn more about tuna fishing.

Tuna fishing is available as an add-on to our fishing packages. Learn more about tuna fishing.